Eurobike news roundup 3

Third and final roundup - much more in the print mag. SRAM's fix-free Torpedo, Aevon trailer, Yuba developments, Cinelli Eccles-esque art, Dahon's extended Cadenza range...

Posted by Peter Eland on Thursday 11 Sep 2008

We'll have plenty of further coverage in the print mag, out towards the very end of September: there are stacks of products new at Eurobike I haven't even mentioned yet! But for now, on with some more news:

SRAM's fix-free Torpedo

SRAM have re-introduced a fixed-free Torpedo hub, sure to be of interest to single-speeders and fixed gear riders alike:

Eurobike photo copyright Peter Eland- Velo Vision Ltd

To change from freewheel to fixed gear operation, you insert a screwdriver into the axle end and turn it seven times (until it hits the end stops). So you have to get off to do it... no doubt a deliberate design decision, as a bar-mounted lever could be a tad dangerous, especially if you accidentally went 'fixed' on a fast downhill... more on a new SRAM site: No word on price and availability date yet.

Aevon trailer

Benoit Goeuriot of Aevon Trailers was launching two models at Eurobike, both single-wheelers with attachments at the seatpost:

Eurobike photo copyright Peter Eland- Velo Vision Ltd

That's the smaller of the two - note also the rear suspension. The drawbar also folds away neatly for storage. Looks like a very solid build, and a good solid hitch too:

Eurobike photo copyright Peter Eland- Velo Vision Ltd

Yuba developments
The Yuba transport bike which we reviewed in Issue 29 was largely unchanged at Eurobike, but a new model will be available early next year with some significant improvements, and accessories have also been coming along nicely:

Eurobike photo copyright Peter Eland- Velo Vision Ltd

The new batch will have a narrower rack (so childseats can fit) and the rack bars will be 16mm diameter (so Ortlieb and other panniers will fit). Meanwhile, accessories under development include the big wicker basket you see here, waterproof bags (in the background) and the super-wide, double-clamped stand for stable loading. All for 2009...

Cinelli's artwork

I was struck by this artwork, posted at the side of racing bike maker Cinelli's stand. It looks very much like the work of David Eccles, whose cover images for Bike Culture Quarterly were a thing of beauty:

Eurobike photo copyright Peter Eland- Velo Vision Ltd

Eurobike photo copyright Peter Eland- Velo Vision Ltd

A bit of research reveals the 'hairy rider' one at least is by Fulvio Di Piazza, and it's used as the cover of their 2008 catalogue...

Dahon's new Cadenzas

As you'll have read in Issues 29 and 30, the Dahon Cadenza is a very useful 26"-wheeled bike with discreet folding action. For 2009 the Lockjaw folding range has grown to four bikes:

Eurobike photo copyright Peter Eland- Velo Vision Ltd

Front to back we have the Cadenza 8 Alfine (marked at RRP 899 Euros), a single-speed Cadenza Solo at 599 Euros (with narrow tyres, neat inverted drop bars and V-brakes), the 2009 Matrix at 749 Euros (with suspension forks), and finally the 'normal' Cadenza, fitted with a wide-range double-chainring derailleur system (799 Euros).

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