Eurobike news roundup 2

Hase Pino now separable and suitcase-able, Hebie's Chainglider for derailleurs, Supernova's dynamo headlight, Gilles Berthoud saddles, Schmidt SON 20R now for disks...

Posted by Peter Eland on Thursday 11 Sep 2008

Hase Pino - now separable!

The big news from the Hase stand: their Pino up-down tandem now separates into two halves for transport, with a neat and clever joint just behind the seat. The two aluminium plates clamp together via circular expanding wedges, very clever and neat.

Eurobike pic copyright Peter Eland - Velo Vision Ltd

Eurobike pic copyright Peter Eland - Velo Vision Ltd

It even fits into a suitcase!

Eurobike pic copyright Peter Eland - Velo Vision Ltd

All of the Pinos are now aluminium so that the separation plates can be welded into the frame, so the titanium race version is no longer made (the new 'Race' spec in polished aluminium, seen in the suitcase, is still very light, they say). Standard specification Pinos should be available very fast, apparently (a matter of days) while custom models will take a few weeks. Various standard spec levels are available, inbcluding a well-equipped 'Touring' model.

Chainglider Open

Hebie's Chainglider is a snap-on plastic chaincase which completely encloses your transmission, ideal for a clean chain and clean troursers. To date it's only been available for hub geared bikes... but now by selectively chopping it down, Hebie have come up with a derailleur version!

Eurobike pic copyright Peter Eland - Velo Vision Ltd

Clearly it'll only work for single-ring systems, and in a limited range of chainring sizes, but Hebie point out it could also be useful for DualDrive transmissions and for Rohloffs with chain tensioners. Though it no longer completely encloses the chain, it'll still act very effectively to keep trousers clean.

Supernova's E3 dynamo light

It seems there's another contender for the 'brightest dynamo light' prize which has slipped under my radar somehow. We covered Schmidt's Edelux last issue, but I wasn't aware of the Supernova E3 until I saw it at Eurobike:

Eurobike pic copyright Peter Eland - Velo Vision Ltd

Not only does it look great, but this beam comparison shows it to be at least as bright as the Edelux, perhaps with more beam spread. It doesn't comply with German traffic regulations, but looks attractive for other countries: like the Edelux, it would be well suited for off-road riding or riding on unlit roads. Cost is 159 Euros, and one nice feature is the ability to upgrade the LED to take advantage of future technical advances.

Gilles Berthoud saddles

These leather saddles from French manufacturer Gilles Berthoud drew many admiring looks. Instead of hammered rivets, the leather is held to the frame by little Allen bolts surrounded by brass washers, engraved with the Gilles Berhoud name...

Eurobike pic copyright Peter Eland - Velo Vision Ltd

SON 20R now for disks

Schmidt's lightest hub dynamo, the 20R, now comes in a disk brake version:

Eurobike pic copyright Peter Eland - Velo Vision Ltd

The splines fit Shimano's Centrelock disks, or you can use an adaptor to fit the usual six-bolt type instead. Note the neat aluminium cap to cover the splines if you don't want to use the disk feature straight away.

Posted by Andy Scaife (drooling@shiny.things) on Monday 15 Sep 2008
Wow, those saddles might just tempt me away from my Brooks obsession (especially after a couple of dissapointing newer ones).
I'm having some of those curvy new schmidts, too, even though I have no intention of using discs on any of the relevant bikes!

Posted by Bill van Kats ( on Friday 19 Sep 2008
Is it just me, or is there something like a "Kiddie Krank" mounted between the front chainring and the front seat in that first photo? Just curious.

Posted by Peter (at VV) on Friday 19 Sep 2008
Yup, that's an accessory which has been available a while now - lets you swap easily between adult and child riders on the front.


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