Eurobike - demo day

Live report from the outdoor day: Paper Bike, Red Dahon, Bernds belts, big Joey, plus full sus HP trike first ride...

Posted by Peter Eland on Wednesday 3 Sep 2008

The 'demo day' is a chance to try out bikes outdoors. Almost rained off last year, this year it's been blazing sunshine. The new venue in Argenbuehl, about 40 minute's bus drive from the main Eurobike venue in Friedrichshafen, is perhaps less picturesque than last year, but more practical, with a hard-standing and gravel area for the stands rather than a grassy field.

Eurobike pic copyright

The first interesting bike I bumped into was the 'Paper Bike' from Carryfreedom's Nick Lobnitz. It's designed as a practical city, hire or corporate fleet bike: the combined rear stays and chaincase allow the user to advertise or decorate the bike as they wish, while simultaneously protecting the chain and rider's trousers. The low step-through frame with wide height adjustment range should fit most riders. Production bikes are expected to be available spring or summer 2009:

Eurobike pic copyright

Eurobike pic copyright

Folding bike specialists Bernds had a new transporter machine on show:

Eurobike pic copyright

Along with a version of their popular 20"-wheeled folding bike using the new Gates belt drive:

Eurobike pic copyright

On to the Dahon stand, and among other nice machines they had a special edition equipped with the high-end SRAM Red groupset. It was the first time I'd tried the 'Double-tap' shifters: they shift to a lower gear with a slow push, or up with a quick tap. Sounds odd, but takes very little time to become quite intuitive:

Eurobike pic copyright

On to the Echyo stand, where Airnimal importer Yo Rollenbeck had a prototype Joey with increased clearance for Big Apple 50mm tyres. On the unsuspended Joey, this seems like a useful choice...

Eurobike pic copyright

Finally for now, I enjoyed a ride on the HP Velotchnik full suspension trike, as revealed in an earlier story here. The anti-roll bar was very effective, and even at some speed, weaving side to side didn't result in noticeable sway:

Eurobike pic copyright

Right! More in our full show report in Issue 31. Taking the shuttle bus back to Friedrichshafen in a moment, then the show proper starts tomorrow...

Eurobike pic copyright

Posted by Ben - Kinetics ( on Friday 5 Sep 2008
There's a pic of Nick riding the Paper Bicycle on my blog:

We're in the middle of building a bunch more frames for testing and showing off to people at the moment...

Posted by David ( on Monday 8 Sep 2008
Will you have more of a review of the Scorpion fs, compared to the Scorpion fx and/or Scorpion in the next issue?


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