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A very quick look at some of the new products on display at the show, including new Mobiky and carbon-fibre folding bikes, a new leaning trike, a fixed and single-speeder's dream gadget and much more...

Posted by Peter Eland on Thursday 6 Sep 2007

This is just a small selection from the news at Eurobike - much more coming up in our full report in VV27! Without further ado, onwards with some of the products that caught my eye. Yuba Mundo They're not quite in production yet so weren't going overboard promoting it... but the makers of the Yuba Mundo cargo bike gained some nice free publicity by riding past much of the world's bike industry who were stuck in the 'Eurobike traffic jam'. We should have a review of the bike in a not-too-distant future issue. Picture taken from the back of a second bike! Eurobike pic SRAM/Cannondale one-sided iMotion 9-speed hub gear SRAM and Cannondale had teamed up to create a one-sided folding concept bike, equipped with the SRAM 9-speed hub gear: Eurobike pic Eurobike pic **UPDATE** Chris Dodman, Cannondale's lead design engineer on the project, sent a few extra details: "This single sided i-9 was engineered by SRAM for this purpose in conjunction with Cannondale, with patents filed to this affect. It is actually an inner hub shell containing the transmission and an outer hub shell running on 2 super thin section bearings. This allows the rear wheel (rim, spokes, hub shell, bearings and rotor) to be removed, leaving the transmission in place and the chain tension unaffected." This diagram shows the construction: Eurobike pic It's part of a fully enclosed transmission system: Eurobike pic Here's hoping it makes it to production... i-lights Better known for their chains, KMC Industrial had these nifty LED lights, modelled perhaps after a well-known portable music player... Eurobike pic Minimax carbon folder I hadn't seen this carbon 20"-wheeled Minimax folder before. It's from Hasa Bike in Taiwan, and looks pretty nice. Eurobike pic Eurobike pic Mobiky Express We're currently reviewing the Mobiky Genius 12"-wheeled model. At Eurobike they'd revealed a successor - the MY16 with 16" wheels (and the 12"er is now the MY12). It's a rather larger folded package of course... Eurobike pic Eurobike pic Swingtrike After several years of development the Swingtrike hopes to be in production soon. It's a leaning trike which also folds, and there's a single wheeled module avaiable for the back to convert it to a bike if you prefer: Eurobike pic Rainlegs jeans The not-too-sweaty rain protection leg-coverings Rainlegs which we reviewed a few issues back (and which I still carry around with me every day) will soon be available in a stylish new 'Jeans' version: Eurobike pic Trickstuff On a neat stand with many other interesting items Trickstuff has this: a nifty gadget to make an eccentric bottom bracket out of a standard bottom bracket shell - great for singlespeed or fixed conversions. As there just isn't room for a full half inch of movement which could be necessary, they also provide half links for your chain. Eurobike pic 24" Pedersen This medium-wheel-size version of the Pedersen from KS&P is expected to be a popular 'Far East export model', though it is of course available worldwide. In Europe KS&P operate a unique 'try it before you buy' policy - see here. Eurobike pic Awards! The Eurobike Awards are judged by an industry and media panel, and it's a sign of how times have changed that this year they featured two recumbents - a few years ago it would have been unthinkable. Alongside complete bikes, a number of accessories are also chosen for the awards. A full list of winners can be found in this press release. Flevobike Greenmachine gets Eurobike Gold They said: "The GreenMachine represents a new concept for recumbent bikes: Everything here is of a piece and ideally encapsulated — perfect industrial design in the best sense of the word. The transmission and gears are virtually maintenance-free in this closed system. In view of the fact that this design was moreover created by a small firm, you can only take your hat off to it." We've shown the Greensmachine before, but without the rear rack, so here's a view with it on... Eurobike pic HP Velotechnik Grasshopper FX wins Eurobike Bronze This folding recumbent bike, revealed in in our previous article, won a Bronze award. Responding to the many questions about how the chain can fold, and what clever mechanism might be needed to do this, HP Velotechnik revealed that 'it just works' - there's simply a flexible rubber section in the chain tube, and as you fold the bike, the chain naturally twists 90 degrees (with no strain at all, given the long runs involved) so that it can accommodate the fold. Another clever detail is the ski-binding type fastening used to hold the frame together in its folded position. Eurobike pic All for now - MUCH more coming up in VV27! If you don't already, why not subscribe now so you don't miss it?

Posted by David (laid-back@etc) on Monday 3 Sep 2007
Well done to Flevo on their Gold award. Great shot with rack showing mono rear. Also Rohloff click box can be seen in an unusual location. All ground-breaking stuff.

Posted by Ralf Grosser ( on Tuesday 4 Sep 2007
What’s new about a 24 inch Pedersen?
They have been about since 1902.
BTW. my 1985 Copenhagen Pedersen has been around since 80 000Km. And it still is the best ride as a bicycle ever engineered.
(Designed is something the did not know about in 1892!)
Ralf Grosser
Darmstadt Germany

Posted by Arch (@Km) on Wednesday 5 Sep 2007
Love the 'denim' Rainlegs!

Posted by Simon Kellett ((at) on Friday 7 Sep 2007
A single sided 9 speed internally geared hub: when can we expect to see a new town bike from Mr Burrows ?

Posted by Ralf Grosser ( on Monday 10 Sep 2007
I hope SRAM can work out the bugs of the regular ninespeed before they market the onesided version

I have testridded the regular SRAM ninespeed and found it does not shift as well under load as the 8 speed Shimano Nexus.
Also the SRAM gives off anoying noises dependig in what gear you are in.

Some 9 speeds have had problems of slipping gears when shifting under load.

Posted by steve watkin ( on Monday 10 Sep 2007
I like the 'dale single sider, but why a chainguard and no mudguards ? Am i missing something ?

Posted by Simon Hartley ( on Monday 1 Oct 2007
I read the heading "single-speeders' dream gadget" and thought "gears, perhaps?". It turned out to be Trickstuff's eccentric bottom bracket. Only later did something strike me that I didn't understand. The system includes half-links for the chain to maintain a correct length. But surely links of a different length would fail to engage with the teeth on sprocket and chainwheel? Can anyone enlighten me,as Trickstuff's website is all in German.

Posted by Peter Eland (peter@velovision etc) on Monday 1 Oct 2007
Well, it's really one link rather than a half - but normally you have to add TWO links so that the ends match up! Picture should make it clear - scroll down a bit at:

Posted by Huey ( on Thursday 4 Oct 2007
Peter, any hint of a pricepoint yet for the Trickstuff HTII bottom bracket?

Posted by Chop! ( on Monday 8 Oct 2007
I mentioned the Minimax carbon folder on the folding bike forum and a few nasty things emerged, carbon wrapped thin tube alu seatpost, vastly varying weights on different ads. Don't think I'll be rushing to get one of these! Ho Hum

Posted by Aidan (aidanr (at) gmail (dot) com) on Monday 15 Oct 2007
I e-mailed the Trickstuff guys and got this reply:

It's out mid-November (from, costs €149 and weighs 218g. It fits singlespeed cranks with a 24mm axle (Shimano Hollowtech 2 standard). Oh, and it's called the Excentriker.


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