The Eurobike experience

Picture-heavy report from the German show, showing the locations, the halls and the Zeppelins! Product news to follow...

Posted by Peter Eland on Monday 3 Sep 2007

Back from Eurobike, and a very productive show it was! More reports follow,
but we're now working hard to finish VV27 and get it to print ASAP so may
be brief...

This report may well break the site layout with its wide images... apologies.

Eurobike pic

Wednesday was the demo day in the Austrian mountains... this is the
view over Lake Constance, with Germany on the right and Switzerland
across the lake. Loadsa rain, this during one of the clear spells.

Eurobike pic

Some of the stands at the demo day. This was just one section - the
stands were spread over quite an area, with many more centred around
a large catering hall seen in the background of this shot. Trails led
up to the hills behind if you didn't mind getting muddy, or you could
ride on the roads around the site.

Eurobike pic

The streams were in spate with all the rain. More stands beyond this...

Eurobike pic

What's this long queue of muddy MTBers?

Eurobike pic

Ah, they're waiting for a bike wash so that they can return their test
bikes clean...

Eurobike pic

Some avoided the queues and used the stream...

Eurobike pic

TV crews were out in force, well wrapped against the rain. Here a
cameraman hitches a lift with Paul Hollants of HP Velotechnik on a
Scorpion trike. As the only recumbent manufacturer there HP received
plenty of press attention.

Eurobike pic did Dahon, seen here demonstrating the fold for the cameras.

Eurobike pic

On to the show! Spotted this 'old and new' scene outside the show

Eurobike pic

There are 12 huge halls like this to get round...

Eurobike pic

This stand even had a wind tunnel so that visitors could try out
different riding positions...

Eurobike pic

They're arranged around an open-air area where the off-roaders could
show their skill... (ignore the disembodied hand at the bottom - it's
a multi-image panorama and seems to have assembled oddly! May fix it

Eurobike pic

Some did jumps...

Eurobike pic

Others raced mostly on the ground...

Eurobike pic

Yet more did strange tricks and acrobatic stunts...

Eurobike pic

To accommodate even more exhibitors the show has expanded into
the Zeppelin hanger (Friedrichshafen being the historic home of these
iconic airships)...

Eurobike pic

But that wasn't a Zeppelin - just a radio-controlled model flying
round the main atrium of the exhibition. This is a Zeppelin...

Eurobike pic

And here's the Zeppelin hanger, housing a mix of stands and the
electric bikes test track...

Eurobike pic

Post-show exhibitors and visitors flock en mass into town for a meal,
packing out the restaurants overlooking Lake Constance. Very kindly
Ben and Klaus of Yuba Mundo (the bikes in the foreground) gave me a
lift on the back and we cruised past the 'Eurobike traffic jam' of
departing vehicles at the end of the show, to reach the restaurants
well before the crowds. Picture taken just before our first beer :-)

Brief product news follows. More pictures and details will of course
be coming up in Issue 27, out later this month!

Posted by Ralf Grosser ( on Tuesday 4 Sep 2007
Great picture of the "bikewash".
Cleaning your bike in this way ist realy great fo contaminating a mountain stream with chainoil.
I wonder how many bikes did they clean this way?
How many Gallons of drinking water can be contaminated by a drop of chainoil?

Posted by Arch (@Km) on Wednesday 5 Sep 2007
The same number of gallons that would be contaminated by sheep poo, fertilizer runoff, dead animals and all the other stuff that can get into a stream, I would imagine...

Posted by Markus ( on Thursday 6 Sep 2007
BTW: That wasn't a regular mountain stream, it was a bike trail after two days of heavy rain.

Posted by Becky (@ the usual address) on Thursday 6 Sep 2007
Accepted wisdom says that one part oil can contaminate one million parts of water. I wonder if the water-based Scottoiler fluid is more environmentally friendly?

Posted by Colin (sk8ski2004@yahoo) on Friday 7 Sep 2007
I'm rather impressed that the Scorpion trike rack can carry an adult & TV camera.

Posted by Mike Croker ( on Friday 7 Sep 2007
It's a hard job, but someone has to do it ;)

Any idea what make of recumbent that is in your old / new picture?

Keep up the good work :)

Posted by Peter Eland (peter@velovision) on Friday 7 Sep 2007
Steintrikes Speedster FS I believe - see

(or root around at if that link doesn't work)...

Posted by Jack ( on Friday 14 Sep 2007
you write that the only recumbent producer there was HP Velotechnik, but i wrote some time ago that
there is a dutch make that should be there too. Was it hidden somewhere? I do not hope so. Hp makes wonderful bikes but there are also other European brands who do.

Posted by Peter Eland (peter@velovision) on Friday 14 Sep 2007
Hi Jack, I wrote (correctly I think) that HP were the only recumbent manufacturer exhibiting AT THE DEMO DAY. There were of course plenty more at the main show itself - see my other report 'Eurobike product news', where I also mention the Greenmachine award.


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