Issue 10 preview

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Posted by Peter Eland on Wednesday 24 Mar 2004

This is the cover:

Issue 10 cover

And here's what's in it:

4 News
Disk brake peril, bicycle pasta, Moultons ride out, a human-powered bus and more...

10 London leads the way
How an enlightened Mayor is putting cycling on the capital's map

16 Thwarting theft
A revolutionaty theft-proof bike from Amsterdam - and how to lock yours tight

18 Art on the island
A cycling artist lets creativity flow in Canada's countryside

20 Technology roundup
A rolling road trike, latest from the Läufer, and two up-and-coming folding bikes

24 Triking on the Triclops
A reader reviews his Organic Engines recumbent trike

28 Look no chain!
We test a shaft-drive commuter bike, with surprising results

31 A heavenly hub
The Pantour suspension hub courier-tested

32 Sounds like a job for... Cargobike Man!
Family cycling transport isn't just for superheroes...

46 Letters
Your feedback, ideas and more

40 FietsRAI 2003
A full eight pages of reports from Amsterdam's annual trade show

48 SPEZI 2003
Readers report back from the Special Bike Show in Germany

50 Buyer's Guide Feedback
Your comments on last issue's Guide - and some we missed

52 Buyer's Guide: folding bikes and portables
Our overview of the best fold-up or take-apart bikes and trikes available today

58 How to subscribe - and win a KMX Kart!
A great child's recumbent trike is up for grabs in our competition

59 Adverts
The best, most interesting advertising around! Please support these companies, who support this magazine.

Posted by John Shackford ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Looks like an issue I will enjoy! Not that the previous were not enjoyable, but, simply that this issue looks like fairly mainstream stuff. A pleasent change.
Kind regards,

Posted by Steven Brandist ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Yes, I know what you are saying John. A good balanced mix of human powered vehicles and superheroes. Thats always a good combination.

Steven (aka Cargobike Man)

Posted by RtH (@cyclemagic) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
do I get a mention Steven?

Posted by Steven Brandist (as above) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Sort of, Roger. Not directly, its subtle. It involves special dust. I guess you'll just have to wait till the brown envelope plops thru your slot.

Posted by RtH (@cyclemagic) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
what about the several hours it took you to fix the rear wheel puncture? :-)

Posted by Steven Brandist ( on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
That, er, challenge shall we say, gets its own paragraph.


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