Up-down recumbent builder seeks feedback on new model

A new website for the 'Velolution': it converts on the fly between upright to recumbent...

Posted by Peter Eland on Friday 7 Jun 2002

The Velolution - from www.velolution.co.uk The above is a computer model of a development of the original Velolution: the designer Neil Jones has been riding a prototype round for a few years now. The machine was featured ages ago in an old BCQ magazine (No. 19, page 52). Neil has now set up a website: http://www.velolution.co.uk where you can leave feedback. He has no immediate plans to commercialise the design, but if enough people ask...

Posted by Seamus (seamustuff@yahoo.co.uk) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Rather like the Batavus Boomerang, seen in (I think) New Cyclist, a few years back saw one in a shop in Brielle near Rotterdam being sold off cheap. In upright mode a fairly slack angled roadster which at the flick of a switch became a recumbent not entirely unlike this invention.

Didn't the Velolution appear in Ross Lowell's brilliant film?

Posted by Rogerthehilldodger (roger@spokesfest) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
You could buy a copy from us Seamus and find out....

Posted by Seamus (seamustuff@yahoo.co.uk) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
Hang on. I remember now. It was definitely in Ross Lowell's film. Saw the premiere at Cyclefest and the other premiere at Spokesfest the week before.

So what's this vid cost then Rog?

Posted by Neil Wyn Jones (neilwyn.jones@virgin.net) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
You're right Seamus the Batavus Boomerang was seen in Bike Culture 9&10 back in 96, I've put an image up on the Velolution web site, though it is quite different to my design it's obviously a similar concept, It doesn't feature in the current Batavus catalogue so I guess it's no longer produced. Velolution did feature in Ross Lovells film which he was filming while we were on an 'Open Road ' holiday. Cheers Neil.

Posted by Roger the Hilldodger (roger@spokesfest) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
The video is £17 inc p+p, and I'm cutting my own throat at that. Only 5 copies left.

Posted by Neil Wyn Jones (neilwyn.jones@virgin.net) on Wednesday 2 Aug 2006
There appears to be a problem with the site host at the moment, hopefully the site will be up and running again soon, Neil


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