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A first preview of the contents of the upcoming issue of Velo Vision...

Posted by Peter Eland on Friday 30 Nov 2012

Update 30th November: it's at the printers! There's been one last minute change to the contents - the Panamericana review replaces the Noomad write-up, which will now appear in next issue after further testing...


Apologies for another rather large gap since last issue - but the next Velo Vision is now coming together, and it should be off to print in the coming few weeks...

Contents are as ever still subject to change until the very last minute, but here's a first look at what's coming up in what's looking like another packed issue:

Recumbent riding

Himalayas - Copyright Sharyn Jones

- By trike through the Himalayas: Greenspeed Magnums take disabled riders on an amazing voyage

- A musical End to End on two electric-assist recumbents - gigging by human power

- the BHPC host the HPV World Championships: a report from the races


Hase Klimax

- Hase Klimax 2k: does the very clever fairing turn the Kettwiesel into a weatherproofed, power-assisted all purpose vehicle?

- Xootr Swift: the USA-designed folding bike is now available in the UK at a modest price - how does it perform?

- Tout Terrain Panamericana full suspension touring bikes on a six month trial, rolling over the ripio in South America.

- Catrike Road: riding the first rear-suspension model from the recumbent trike makers!

- Strida three-speed: we get an advance ride on the latest Strida, with its unique three-speed bottom bracket gearbox...

- Books: including Cyclorama, 100 Best Bikes, Just Ride

- Music: Nora and One Left's album bicycle

Reader bikes

Pedalling for Pensioners - photo: Matt Hodges

- Modifying a Nazca for a shorter rider

- Bakfiets update: Richard Peace updates his series on power assisted cargo bikes

- Pedalling for Pensioners: Matt Hodges responds to a call for write-ups from and for older riders

- Russian repairs: Reviving a front wheel drive recumbent trike with some help from Mike Burrows


Didi at Eurobike - photo: Eurobike

- The Samlors of Thailand: a reader reports on a colourful cycle culture

- Eurobike: latest technology from the German show

And more

- News, Letters, interesting adverts and more!

Posted by seamus on Sunday 21 Oct 2012
Is that John Bradshaw?

Posted by Paul B on Sunday 21 Oct 2012
Looking forward to the Xootr Swift review. I bought one in the UK six years ago and it's the best bike I have owned.

Posted by LaidBack on Saturday 27 Oct 2012
New Hase brochure has features people commuting on the Hase Klimax trikes (2k and 5k versions) .

The copy they've written is excellent.... lots of thought have gone into their take on electric assisted human powered vehicles.

In comparison they state how much energy is used to produce and propel an electric car...

Have you still got the demo?

Posted by seamus on Monday 29 Oct 2012
had alook at the Xootr Swift and it costs

Is that modest?

Posted by Paul B on Tuesday 6 Nov 2012
My Xootr cost me £499 six years ago. It has certainly gone up over recent years but the spec and ride is excellent.


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