VV43 mailing update and Facebook news

A database error delays VV43 mags for some renewing subscribers, and we're trialling moving news blogging to our Facebook page - there should be a summary to the right of your screen...

Posted by Peter Eland on Wednesday 23 May 2012

VV43 mailing

Just when I thought I'd about finished the VV43 mailing, a call from a subscriber just now alerted me to a problem with the way I'd generated the labels this time.

It seems over 100 renewing subscribers didn't have their mailing labels printed when I did the original set of labels, and so missed going out with the main batch of subscriber copies last week. I've now identified the error, printed out the extra labels and am stuffing envelopes at top speed!

Following the recent Royal Mail price rises we're now using a 3-day service via UK Mail, so most UK subscribers should have got their copies yesterday or today. The 'missing' ones I've just identified will go out tomorrow, so if anyone hasn't got their mags by say late next week then let me know...

Overseas copies went out last week and some seem to be arriving already in Europe. A few overseas renewing subscribers were also affected by the glitch and their copies will go out today or tomorrow.

Facebook news feed

As a bit of a trial I've just embedded our new Velo Vision Facebook Page on this website - you should see it in the sidebar on the right-hand side. I've resisted getting too involved in Facebook for ages - I dislike the way it creates a 'walled garden' sub-Internet inaccessible to those who don't sign up to its policies... but it's too popular to ignore and I must admit it's addictive! It's also very easy to use to share links etc, which is what I'll principally use it for.

Original material and stories will remain on this site, though I'll probably share them via the Facebook page too...

Please just let me know any comments - on Facebook or here - and we'll see how it goes!

Posted by corshamjim on Wednesday 23 May 2012
You're probably right - everyone else seems to be doing facebook. It's not for me though.

Posted by seamus on Thursday 24 May 2012
I'm going on holiday on Tuesday 29th so I better read before then.

Posted by arellcat on Thursday 24 May 2012
I've often thought FB was a little like modern Glastonbury with its massive security fence; inside, all the millions of shiny happy people; outside, everyone not into that modern pop stuff.

My copy of VV43 is still eagerly awaited, too. I've only had a quick glance through the one at Laid Back Bikes.

Posted by Geoff on Friday 25 May 2012
I flatly refuse to join Facebook. I feel it's one or more steps too far in self publicity.
Recently, the collection of data they will need to use, and sell, to finance the new shareholders' investment make them even less attractive.

Posted by seamus on Friday 25 May 2012
I came this morning, I've seen that statue of Wemeltje Kruit on hoiliday I did up in Grmanay down in the Neterlands that I do some years ago. I wrote what it said in my diary. It in English then.

Posted by seamus on Friday 25 May 2012

That big letter from me on p46 was about 3 letters.
I cant write propley ond as for spelling I get the comupter to check it.
That one about Tamasine took about ages, reding about her and copiing to into the letter,

Posted by Geoff on Monday 18 Jun 2012
Having just the start of the News item visible on the box is a real teaser. But not enough to make me sign up to FB.

I much prefer the news to be on the website.

Posted by peter on Tuesday 19 Jun 2012
Hi Geoff, I hear you :-). Will see what can be done... in the meantime, I just tried it without being logged in to Facebook - as far as I can tell, you can still (in the panel on the right) see/read the stories in full and click the links (even with no Facebook account) - just a bit of scrolling required. There isn't really anything much else on the Facebook page, apart from those stories/links, so you're not missing much...

Posted by Geoff on Friday 24 Aug 2012
Hi Peter. Nah! I just tried reading one of the articles on FB and it tells me I must sign up to see it. The links you are posting to elsewhere work, but if the page referenced is a FB page it won't go for me.


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