Coming up in Velo Vision 43!

UPDATED: The latest issue is out now - here's a brief preview of what's in it!

Posted by Peter Eland on Thursday 17 May 2012

UPDATE 17th May: It's out now on digital and in print:

Thanks as ever to everyone for your patience. I think it's a good one :-) with plenty of interesting articles, as below - as ever, this is subject to last-minute changes:


  • ICE Vortex!: The latest low, fast and seriously sexy trike from ICE, taken to Edinburgh's Holyrood park for review.
  • Pacific Reach iF: The 20"-wheeled sports folder with the ingenious Mark Sanders-designed 'Internal Fold' mechanism...
  • Bullitt Milk Tray: Exploring the limits of cargo bike performance: how can this BionX-assisted loadbike cope with 95kg of concrete in Yorkshire hills? We find out...

Short reviews
  • Leggits and the Rainwrap: Stylish rainwear from 'Georgia in Dublin'.
  • Books: Burrows reviews the authoritative 'Raleigh' from Tony Hadland, and I go off the beaten track to check out 'Rad Rides' charting the evolution of BMX...
  • Zombie Spirit: a new Kingcycle-esque design from the Canadian DIY masters
  • Moto pedals: super-flat pedals with some unique features...

  • Trikes on ice: amazing Ice-bat propellor-powered racing recumbents from the Netherlands
  • SPEZI/new product round-up: all the latest news from the German show and from the world of specialist bikes
  • Ministry of Bike: One man's experience of altruistic bike fixing, and the need to set sensible boundaries...
  • Building of the Paper Bicycle: A photo-documentary showing the stages of creation...

New technology
  • Side-shift steering: an exciting new approach to recumbent trike cornering
  • Arduino applied: a college team put computers to use with a hydraulic lean-steer on a carbon recumbent trike
  • Rim dynamo reborn: a new design for a high-performance sports dynamo, running on the rim...
  • The compact tandem: virtues of the short wheelbase confirmed in a comfortable new guise.

Readers' bikes:
  • Four wheels good?: Testing out a recumbent quad!
  • Double dose of DIY: One reader builds a low lean-steerer, and another creates a top-class trailer...

Regular features
  • News: New products galore, events updates and much else!
  • Letters: from saddle-covering stands in Sweden to a Rotovelo's internal illumination - a bumper crop of your letters and photos.

Posted by zoxed on Sunday 20 May 2012
A Vortex review: excellent ! I had just today been digging through my back issues to see if VV had done one yet ! Just have to wait now for my VV to arrive over here in Germany !


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