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A selection of stories from Germany, France and the Netherlands, all with handy machine-translation links. Velomobile makers interviewed, a cycling plumber, desert touring on three (in-line!) wheels, and a tandem touring musical ensemble...

Posted by Peter Eland on Monday 19 Mar 2012

Velomobile interviews
First, on is an interview with velomobile makers Leo Visscher and Dietrich Lohmeyer (human translated to English by the team :-). They cover in particular the Alleweder velomobile, the merits of e-assist on velomobiles, and much more!

Cycling plumbing
This article about a cycling plumber (Google translated to English) comes from a German regional paper, the Weser Courier, and reports on a cycling tradesman par excellence...

Touring on three wheels
No tricycles (as we usually understand it!) or trailers involved. Rather than me spoil the surprise, click on this story in French about tourer Jean Naud or (or this Google translation to English) and admire his amazing machine - an ingenious solution to soft sand in deserts...

Listen up!
And finally, treat your ears and eyes to music by tandem, with the charming Entend'm from France (or in English via Google). Their name is a splendid double entendre...

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